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Lavender Plants


Lavender is suited to any style of gardening. It is easy to grow as a water wise plant for South Africa. They are well suited to full sun areas, as hedges alongside fences and garden paths, as well as container growing.

Various varieties are available from Lavender SA. These varieties have been selected, and are propagated for weather conditions found throughout South Africa. The selection and different shades of white to pink to purple makes you spoilt for choice.

Lavender should be cut back twice a year, early spring and midsummer, to keep it compact and to extend its longevity.

Lavender likes to stay dry with very little compost and prefers full sun. In South Africa they also thrive when planted alongside a north facing wall. Lavender plants can last for many years, depending on how you look after it. It invokes passion, romance, and reminds us of rolling Lavender fields in France, as well as English gardens.